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Five Tips to Deal with Uncertainty

dealing with uncertainty
dealing with uncertainty

Five Tips to Deal with Uncertainty

More than ever before, we are all living in a world with a lot more uncertainty, anxiety and fear in our lives. With the constant ever-changing circumstances revolving around lockdowns and the global pandemic situation we are living an unstable and uncertain environment.

I have coached and spoken to thousands of people in various companies during these challenging times and one of the most common difficulties is dealing with the uncertainty. Uncertainty creates anxiety and that is not a healthy state of mind to operate from.

As tough as it is, you need to continue to look after yourself as your top priority and also support the people around so you can better manage any uncertainty and anxiety during these challenging times.

Try these five tips above to help you stay calm, focused and motivated during these challenging times.


When things get tough you often skip the very things that you need the most and that is your own basic self-care. I’m talking daily exercise, good nutrition, adequate sleep, regular renewal breaks and some meditation (or downtime). Make time in your day to do these things every day, even if it’s a simple daily walk and healthy meal. Also, while working from home, create clear boundaries between work and home and make sure you have at least a 2hr wind-down window before bedtime with no screens and stimulation to ensure a good night’s sleep.


The fact is, there so much about this situation that is out of our control. Firstly, there is a degree of acceptance that we need to have about this lack of control and shift our focus on what we can control right now. You cannot control the decisions from governments about lockdowns and so on, but you can control how it affects you. You can continue your self-care practices; you may need to be flexible with work and family life and you can control your approach to the situation. As best you can, let go of things you cant control and focus on what you can control.


Although it is important to stay informed with current changes and relevant COVID-19 news, just be careful of what you ingest every day from social media, your friends and other sources. Being exposed to constant, alarming, anxiety-inducing stories further exacerbates the uncertainty and anxiety, especially when some of the sources as based on fear and misinformation. Make a conscious decision to limit your media to a couple of times a day and only from reputable sources. This also applies to the people that are around you, be mindful not to engage in negative conversations, especially if there are not based on facts.


It’s normal right now to have thoughts of anxiety, fear and uncertainty, but please remember these are just thoughts and you need to be mindful of them. Sometimes your thoughts can carry you away into a world of worry and more unnecessary anxiety, especially when you catastrophise about the future. You can get caught up in many ‘what if’ thoughts, and this is not healthy for you. Be mindful of what thoughts you give energy to and remember they are just thoughts, it is up to you whether you empower them, or not. Mindfulness training really helps with this.


The practice of mindfulness really helps you to stay present with ‘what is’ happening and not get caught up in all of the ‘what if’ scenarios that might be in your mind. When you practice daily mindfulness, you are more engaged and focused on what you are doing in the present moment and also have the open awareness to look at the bigger picture. This will really help you to deal with the uncertainty and the anxious thoughts and give you more positive energy every day.

Try these five tips above to help you stay calm, focused and motivated during these challenging times. If you need any help with establishing a mindfulness practice and any of the above tips, feel free to reach out on melo@mindfulmooves.com.

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