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Giving Back

Isn’t it good to know that a portion of your investment for the workshops, courses and coaching goes directly to one of our partner not-for-profit organisations doing amazing things for the underprivileged children of the world.

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Unlike some other charities and foundations where not all of the money goes to the cause, I know that every single cent goes directly to the children, because the founder, Ryan, is a good friend of mine.

During my travels in developing countries I was touched by the children of the world and couldn’t believe their resilience and strength no matter how tough life was for them. Their ability to smile, laugh and share their joy was contagious and this enriched my life in so many ways

We consistently give to our partner organisation called Children We Serve because I truly believe in their mission and I know 100% of the funds goes directly to the projects. Children We Serve have been busy building schools and teacher training centres in Nepal (after the earthquakes) and Africa along with other upcoming projects in developing countries..

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