The Ultimate Mindfulness Experience!

Feeling overworked and overwhelmed?
Need a break from the daily grind?
Take some time out to recharge and reconnect!

Sometimes you just need to slow down the pace and get away from it all to recharge your batteries. We offer the choice of half-day, full-day or even week-long retreats to immerse yourself deeper into mindfulness practices.

On our retreats you can expect:
Mindful Meditation- to calm the mind and improve your focus
Mindful Movement- like taichi and yoga to restore balance
Mindful Eating- to nourish the body with healthy food and habits
Mindful Walking- to connect with nature and yourself
Mindful Education and Activities- to stimulate all your senses

We give you everything your mind and body needs to leave feeling energised, recharged and totally renewed.

Let us organise everything for you, so please get in touch to work out the best possible experience for your company.

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