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Staying Motivated in 2020.

Staying Motivated in 2020.

2020 has proven to be an interesting and challenging one so far.  It seems long ago that we were fighting bushfires on the East coast of Australia as now we are battling a global crisis with COVID-19.

The truth is, many of us have had to transition our work and our lives in many ways, and unfortunately some of us have even lost our jobs, or reduced income. For many people it’s quite tough to stay motivated and positive during this difficult situation. 

Today I wanted to offer you some tips to stay healthy, motivated, and positive during challenging times. 

1) Keep moving any way you can- more than ever it is most important to keep moving your body in anyway you can. The restrictions are making it more and more difficult to exercise so we need to be creative in ways to keep moving. 

As a bare minimum aim to walk around 20-40 mins per day, try some online yoga or exercise classes.  To manage your mental and physical energy it’s important to keep on moving!

2) Limit your media intake- Although it is important to stay informed with current changes and relevant COVID-19 news, just be careful of what you ingest every day from social media, your friends and other sources. Being exposed to constant, alarming, anxiety-inducing stories further exacerbates the uncertainty and anxiety, especially when some of the sources as based on fear and misinformation. Make a conscious decision to limit your media to a couple of times a day and only with reputable sources.  

3) Focus on what you can control – The fact is that so much about the coronavirus situation is out of our control. Firstly, there is a degree of acceptance that we need to have about this lack of control and shift our focus on what we can control right now. Bearing in mind current restrictions and limitations, aim to keep your lifestyle as ‘normal’ as possible right now, especially the fundamental lifestyle habits of exercise, nutrition and sleep. These are fundamental to your energy levels and your physical and mental wellbeing. 

4) Remember you are not your thoughts- It’s normal right now to have thoughts of anxiety, fear and uncertainty, but please remember these are just thoughts and many of them are perceived. Observe your thoughts and ask yourself, is this true or is it just my perception? Often we can catasrophise about a future that hasn’t even happened yet and may never happen. Be careful of what thoughts you give energy to and remember they are just thoughts.

5) Practice Mindfulness – the practice of mindfulness really helps you to stay present with ‘what is’ happening and not all the ‘what if’ scenarios that might be in your mind. When you practice mindfulness you are more engaged and focused on what you are doing in the present moment and also have an open awareness to the bigger picture. 

If you need any help establishing a mindfulness practice, I’ve got some great free resources for you, to find out more book in a free clarity call.

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